On my website,, I wish to inform all my friend and those who collaborate with us in one way or another on all the activities we have done and we are currently developing.

For those who do not know me, this site can illustrate elements necessary to know something more of my work as missionary. If you wish to help, you can participate with your comments, suggestions, views, grants, jobs, prayers for our ministry, or any way you think might be useful in helping others. All contributions are welcome.

Here are some ways we can help those who have less, so they can escape from extreme poverty, or realize a dream. Without a helping hand they never could.


Bread for everyone!

We made different kind of micro projects:





sewing workshops


We started this project in 2005, founded by Gocce d’Amore de l’Italia. Children came to live at the first time, in 2011.

Hurting children have a place to call home. Children with out parents or related, today are counting on kindness heart to help them in their life.

The video on top was made for shown how the children learn at school for first time in their life!

Houses for all

We have started another project in 2007, “houses for all”, we could make two houses.


Soore Project

Pastor Joseph is 102 years old and he still thinks about how he can help others... and he has asked if we could help him finish his school.

In 2010 we finished a classroom for the 3rdgrade. In 2011, we started with the fondation of the another classroom,

And this 2013 we nearly finish the primary/college/Lycees school! still work! but we need to finish!

Samstag, 1. Dezember 2013

Waters Wells

In the last years we have built some waters well in several villages in Burkina Faso.

Thanks all those who helped.

I cannot quench the thirst of the world but if I can give a glass of water to the thirsty, that is OK.I cannot meet everyone's needs, but if I do what I can ...that is OK.

Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Another water well in Burkina Faso, Sinni’s village.

Esther Noemi Amaria 2014